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Dyddiad: 24 January 1911.


The salvage award for services rendered by the steamer Lowther Range, belonging to Furness, Withy, & Co., West Hartlepool, to the Austrian Lloyd passenger steamer Trieste, -in June last, has just been made. The total award is £10,500, of which the owners of the Lowther Range receive £7250, Captain Matthews £1000, the officers, engineers, and crew £2250.

The Lowther Range found the Trieste disabled, and despite tremendous difficulties, due to the terrific -weather, safely towed her to Bombay, a distance of 300 miles. The second engineer of the Lowther Range lost his life in one of the attempts to get the Trieste's hawser aboard. Nine others of the crew were injured.


The Cunard liner Lusitania has made a new record for the long eastward track from New York. The passage occupied 4 days 10 hours 40 minutes. The mileage was 2932, and the average speed 25.57.

The previous best passage on the long eastward track was 4 days 20 hours 5 minutes.

Ffynhonnell: "SALVAGE AWARD OF £10,500." The Scotsman. 24 January. 1911. 10.

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