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The Cardiff Municipal Musical Society provided musical theatre programmes for children, older people and those with disabilities. The Society existed from 1943 to 1993. They were charged with preparing and putting on performances for the public and providing opportunities for those who love drama.

The Society had showcased a variety of performances in their time and so had printed many theatre programme booklets for their productions.

This item is a programme for 'The Desert Song', which was performed in the New Theatre in Cardiff between the 15-20 March 1965.

The programme includes:
- A list of the Society’s leaders, including Ald W J Hartland (Lord Mayor of Cardiff), H Ferguson Jones and Captain J N Rose;
- A list of the Society's previous productions including 'The Mikado' in 1945, 'Rose Marie' in 1953 and 'The New Moon' in 1961;
- The pictures of the two production directors (John Murphy and Gladys Johnson) and the cast members (Colin Underwood as Captain Paul Fontaine, John Yates as Hassi and David W Parker as Sid El Kar);
- A story of the play;
- A list of cast and crew members;
- A list of musical numbers within the production, such as 'The Riff Song', 'I Want a Kiss' and 'One Alone';
- A list of the Society’s patrons and friends;
- The advertisements for future productions of 'The Messiah' by the Choral Section at the New Theatre, Cardiff on Good Friday 1965, and a concert by the Orchestral Section in the Great Hall of the College of Advanced Technology on the 20 March 1965.

Glamorgan Archives, D905/3/3

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