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Ar gyfer defnydd masnachol cysyllwch yn uniongyrchol gyda deilydd yr hawlfraint os gwelwch yn dda.
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Logbook entry of the 10th Cardiff High School Company: Sparrow Patrol. Contains descriptions of the following : an enrolment meeting on 15th June 1942; a hike on the 22nd June 1942; a meeting on 29th June 1942.

Logbook of Sparrow Patrol, 10th Cardiff (High School) Company, illustrated with drawings, cuttings and photographs. This volume has been covered with brown cloth; embroidered on the front is the patrol's title incorporating a sparrow motif.
A collection of photographs, drawings, newspaper articles and writings during the 2nd World War years 1942 and 1943.
The Girl Guides Association is an international organisation started by the sister of Robert Baden-Powell, Agnes in 1910. She started the group with her brother because so many girls were interested in scouting and because of the Edwardian times boys and girls weren't allowed to mix.

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