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Witness depositions

Tho s S t and turn to the right in going down we met the Pris r he asked us to go and have some Beer - and having drank the beer we went out and met the Pris r again. We then told him we wanted to desert and asked him if he could find us any Clothes he said it was a very serious matter - that he didn't think he could. that he had a good many children to support or something to that effect - he then left us and soon came back - he went away and said he would be with us again in a few minutes - he returned and brought an old paper Cap with him. he said that was all he could give us. After that we left him - we determined we wo d . not go in on and we journied on the road and met 2 young men who appeared to be farmers - we had gone about a mile - they asked us what we were doing there we told them we intended to desert and we wanted clothes - they took us to a Barn in the country and brought us clothes- we left the Barn in the morning and went as far as Ponty Blaenavon - we left our Soldiers Military clothes in the Hedge bottom - at Blaenavon

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