Final draft of the Laws of the Cardiff New (now Reform) Synagogue submitted by M. A. Bogod, P. J. Bogod, M. Golten, S. Issacs and Proffessor L. A. Moritz. It covers topics from forms of services, days and times of public worship to duty and appointment, removal, investments of trustees. It also covers membership restrictions, applications, burial scheme, subscription, consideration of applications to council and honourary officers. It also covers births, marriages and deaths as well as alteration of laws and adoption of the new laws.


JCR-UK: Jewish Communities & Records, Cardiff Reform Synagogue, Cardiff, Wales (2020) https://www.jewishgen.org/jcr-uk/Community/card1/index.htm [accessed 14 March 2024]

Parry-Jones, Cai, The History of the Jewish Diaspora in Wales (doctoral thesis, Bangor University, 2014)
https://research.bangor.ac.uk/portal/files/20579001/null [14 March 2024]

Depository: Glamorgan Archives.

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