• A “SWISS” SEAMAN! (1915)

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Dyddiad: 13 Mawrth 1915



At the Swansea Police Court on Friday Robert Brann (45), seaman, was charged with being an alien enemy, and being in a prohibited area, to wit, Swansea, failing to register himself as such to the alien registration officer on March 4.

It appeared from the evidence of Detective Johnson that Brann told him he was a Swiss. The officer took him to the police station and examined his papers, and found a sailor's discharge book and a seamen's union card which bore the defendant's name and gave his nationality and place of birth as Swiss. There were other certificates, including a Norwegian seaman's certificate which gave his place of birth as Schievetz. There was also a registration form issued from the Newport Police on 29th September last, which stated that Brann was a native of Sweden. The officer after examining the papers said to Brann, “You're a German and all these books are false.” Brann replied, “I am a Swiss, I tell you.” Johnson then said, “All you say is lies. You are a German, and you were born in Dantzig.” Defendant said, “How do you know; who told you I was born at Dantzig?” When charged defendant replied, “The reason I did not do it was that if I told them I was a German I would not have a ship.”

The Chairman: There is no doubt you have been very deceiving. We inflict the full penalty of six months' hard labour.

'A “SWISS” SEAMAN!' South Wales Weekly Post. 13 Maw. 1915. 2.

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