Conscientious Objectors - Harry M Riding, Newport

Harry M Riding was a WW1 Conscientious Objector from Christchurch area of Newport, one of over 850 from Wales who refused to fight in the First World War on grounds of conscience, and was arrested and imprisoned for his beliefs. 

This collection, including images of Harry before WW1, with other 'conchies' in Dartmoor Prison, and also the diary of Florence Jones - his future wife, who supported him through his stand against war - is shared with kind permission of Harry's grand-daughter Marie Skinner, of Griffithstown, Torfaen.

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Conscientious Objectors, Harry M Riding,...

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Harry M Riding, non conscription fellowship...

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Harry M Riding, middle-conscientious objectors....

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Harry M Riding, Florence Elizabeth Jones, 1915

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Dyddiadur Harry M Riding, 1915

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Harry M Riding, Dartmoor Prison

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Harry M Riding, 1915

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