Agerlong Brydeinig oedd yr DAYBREAK. Wrth deithio o Huelva i Glasgow, fe’i suddwyd gan yr U 87 dan reolaeth y KapLt olf von Speth-Schülzburg ar 24 Rhagfyr 1917. Mae’r llongddrylliad yn gorwedd 2 milltir i’r dwyrain o South Rock Light Vessel, Iwerddon. Lladdwyd 21 o’r rheiny ar y llong.

Dyddiad: 3 Ionawr 1918


At home, spending a well-deserved respite, is the naval hero, A.B. Aneurin Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Jones, Cwmgarw Road. He was on H.M.S. King Edward VII. when it was torpedoed, and is now on leave consequent upon the H.M.S. Daybreak having been sunk in a similar manner. He was one of the ten survivors, and was rescued after floating on a raft for a great many hours. He has stirring episodes to relate. Considering his trying experiences, he looks pretty well, but requires rest and change to recover from the effects of shock and exposure.

The Amman Valley Chronicle and East Carmarthen News

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Darlun F.R. Hartles
Very interesting and sad but Daybreak was sunk on 24th December 1917 not 1918 - slight typo!
Darlun LlongauUBoat
Thank you very much for bringing the typo to our attention. I am correcting it as we speak and sending it to moderation. -- Rita

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