• Street collection statement for a Carnival on 21 June 2003, completed by Grangetown Community Concern, Grangetown, Cardiff, 2003

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A copy of a statement required by Cardiff Council as a condition of giving permission for a street collection. This shows that Grangetown Community Concern collected £137.99 during a carnival day on 21 June 2003 and that this sum was put with festival funds. The archive shows that only Grangetown Community Concern could collect during the event. The carnival and fete were part of the 2003 Grangetown Festival Week. Other events during the festival included an open air service, teddy bears picnic, inter-school sports, baseball game, art exhibition and a school concert.

The archive reveals that a carnival grant of £400 was received from Cardiff Council. Disbursements included £84 for the hire of Cardiff Athletic Stadium for a school sports day, £50 to St John Ambulance, £50 to Lisa’s school of dance for a Fete display, £45 to Taffy the Clown for an earlier Teddy Bears Picnic, £30 to print prize drawer tickets, £20 to St Samson’s church (the site of the Teddy Bears Picnic and an open air service) and donations of £20 to the four local primary schools. They also had to pay a refundable bond of £200 to the council for the use of Grange Gardens for the Fete.

Grangetown Community Concern is a voluntary group, partly funded by Cardiff Council but almost entirely run by volunteers. It was established in 1977 and is a registered charity. The group was set up as an umbrella group for other voluntary organisations with its aims and objectives to provide and encourage services for all age groups, with a particular focus on older people.

The group organises the week-long Grangetown Festival in June. It also organised lunches and trips for older people, and produced a quarterly local newspaper. The organisation has awarded community cups to children from local primary schools who have shown community spirit and has also been responsible for arranging an annual carol service.

The group was renamed Grangetown Community Action in 2014.

Glamorgan Archives, D1070/112

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