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Letter from J. S. James, in which she acknowledges that Mrs. Phillips is arriving on the following Monday, and the she will send someone to wait for her. She sends regards to Mr. Phillips' sister, and their children in behalf of Alfredo and Rosalia.

Rio Grande 30 of November of 1869

Mister Phillips

I have received your favour of yesterday by which I came to know that Mrs. Phillips comes next Monday. I will send a person to wait for her on the bridge. Be kind to recommend me your sister and many kisses on your children that Alfredo and Rosalia send.
I am with all esteem yours, thank you very much
[signature]J S James


Rio Grande 30 de Novembro 1869

Senhor Phillips

Recebi o seu favor de homtem pelo qual fico sabendo que Mrs. Phillips vem na
segunda feira proxima. Eu mandarei huma pessoa espera-la na ponte. Queira ter a bondade me recomendar a sua Irma e muitos beijinhos nos seus filhinhos que Alfredo e Rosalia mandao
Sou com toda estima Sua muito Obrigada
[signature]J S James

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