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This is a photograph of Cyril's Book, which tells the history of Community House, mostly from 1954, when Cyril was called to minister there. There is no end-date but it certainly covers up to 1991, when Cyril married Marilyn and Alan Priday, which is mentioned in the book.This is book rich in the history of Community House and from it we can see how how a wonderful man and caring congregation were willing to put a lot of energy and time into working for the community and so for God's Kingdom. No 'Sunday worship only' congregation this. The legacy remains and continues to grow, in the diverse community which is Maindee today. Sadly the worshipping congregation is now very small. We take heart, though, from the large number of fellow pilgrims who join us in 'Building Caring Communities together'.In such a diverse Community some of these people are from other faiths or have no faith - and that's OK with us.

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