Rev. Cyril Summers

These images include the Rev.Cyril Summers with his family; church life and when he was a Chaplain at Llanwern Steelworks.

He also published a book called 'A People's Pilgrimage' which is an account of life at Community House when he first arrived in Newport in the 1950s up until 1992.

Summers was a very influential and charismatic character, Paul Flynn MP described him as 'saint-like' and 'one of 2 saints that I have met in my life'.

Summers had a tough upbringing in Bootle, Liverpool - his experiences of WW2 and hardship growing up led him to become a conscientious objector and informed his philosophy and theology. Later, he became a councillor for Newport and in 1984 became Mayor. He was one of the founding members of Community House, his vision of building caring and inclusive community is still carried on today.

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Cyrils book flyleaf

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'A People's Pilgrimage', the history of...

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Cyril Summers life

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Committment and Care of the Man from the Ministry

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Whitsun Walk, Newport

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Val with Mum Dad and Brother

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Thought for the Day Saddam - Punish or Forgive

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The Industrial Reverends, Revd Cyril Summers &...

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Revd. Cyril Summers at the Pulpit

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Revd Cyril Summers overseeing old church...

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Marilyn and Alan Priday wedding, peformed by...

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Darlun A Thousand Voices - The History and story of Community House
Cyril Summers was extraordinary and unique. A minister of the Church and a pacifist who was a conscientious objector in the Second World War; he was a local councillor and became a mayor of the City. His inspired vision led to the design and commissioning of a building which, while being a ‘House of God’, would be a home for the whole community, Christian or not. When it became apparent that the existing church on Corporation Road had to be demolished, Cyril and the congregation found themselves at a crossroads. Being faced with the possibility of having no building, the Church was compelled to ask many questions concerning the nature and purpose of the church. It was impossible to believe that it was God’s will that His Church should turn her back on her past and abandon all these people. Could we simply abdicate our calling and go seeking easier pastures? – Cyril Summers Cyril felt that his whole life up to that point had been in preparation for the task that lay ahead.

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