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Gellir lawrlwytho cynnwys at ddefnydd anfasnachol, megis defnydd personol neu ar gyfer adnoddau addysgol.
Ar gyfer defnydd masnachol cysyllwch yn uniongyrchol gyda deilydd yr hawlfraint os gwelwch yn dda.
Darllenwch fwy am y Drwydded Archif Greadigol.

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In 1839, businessman John Frost led several thousand men on a march to Newport as part of a campaign for the People's Charter for electoral reform. In the ensuing confrontation between the Chartists and troops, more than twenty men were shot dead.

On a wall of a multi-storey carpark in the north entrance to John Frost Square was a mosaic mural depicting scenes from the uprising. It was created by Kenneth Budd and completed in 1978, containing 200,000 separate pieces of tile. (Source: Newport City Council)
The mural was destroyed by Newport City Council on 03 October 2013.

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