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Aerial photograph of Tre'r Ceiri Fort, Llanaelhaearn. Taken on 25 January 2007.

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Darlun DigitalHeritageStation03Abergele
I am surprised to find that Tre'r Ceiri has yet again been mistranslated as the 'city of giants' when it should be the town of forts or citadels. The Welsh word for giant is cawr or cewri for plural, whereas a fort or citadel is caer or ceiri for plural, with 'dinas' being a city and 'tre(f)' being a town.. I was once informed by a Dutchman who had made the same mistake, that I was wrong as he had been told the translation by people from Trefor. Surely the more people that get it wrong doesn't make it more likely to be correct eventually? Maldimo52
Darlun Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales
Thank you for the comment Maldimo52 You've stated the case very clearly and I will look into getting this changed on our entries both here and on Coflein. I suppose it's a name so engrained that it will be seen as incorrect! Helen (Moderator, RCAHMW)

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