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Unveiling of the plaque in the wall at ‘Ffynnon Llewelyn’ farm in tribute to one of the leaders who organised to go to America on the 29 October 1876 after the 'Troad Allan'. This photograph was loaned for copying by Alf Thomas (Ffronwen).

Alf’s grandfather is on far right (with beard)
Jenkin (Siencyn) Lloyd Jones was turned out from Llwynrhydowen chapel and his family had to emigrate to America.

In the photo are members of Hen Gapel, the Minister of the new chapel (Jenkins) and 5 other ministers.

Fronwen was a small-holding where the people were also ‘evacuated’.

"Yn y ty hwn Tachwedd 14 eg 1843 y Ganwyd Jenkin Lloyd-Jones Pregethwr y Fydd Rydd yn Chicago cosodwyd y Daflen hon Gan Gyfeillion [iddo fe] fel Teyrnged 1922"


In this house on the 14th November 1843 Jenkin Lloyd-Jones was born. Preacher of the free faith in Chicago. This plaque was put up by his friends as a tribute to him in 1922.

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