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During the excavation, one of the volunteers one lunch time went for a scout around the surrounding area to have a look for further earthworks and archaeology. While in the field adjacent to the site directly to the west they came across and odd looking bit of stone sticking out of the wet boggy ground. Intrigued by the stone they pulled out their trowel; which as any archaeologist will know is always attached about their persons; and began to remove some of the lichen and moss that had colonised the stone. What was revealed was this strangely carved stone that on first appearances looked natural and weather worn but somehow man made. Rushing back to the excavation to tell everyone of the possible discovery and to get second opinions a group of us set off to look at this new mystery. After all of us had seen anomaly rearing its grubby and overgrown head out of the ground there was only one thing left to do that would settle this mystery and that was to raise it from its muddy resting place. Armed with mattocks, picks and shovels a small contingent of volunteers returned to the boggy field and began to excavate around the stone being careful not to damage it. After a good half an hour of wrestling with the unrelenting mud, not even mentioning the weather which by this time had turned slightly for the worse, the ground gave up its secret and a lost treasure was revealed.

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