Ffotograff o'r rheilffordd rhwng Ceri ac Aber-miwl yn croesi'r pant.

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Darlun EUROS
This is certainly not the railway between Abermule and Kerry, but is the Kerry Tramway built on the Bryn Llywarch Estate which led down to Kerry Station. Initially the owner had built a 2ft gauge tramway on this Estate but had been removed when he moved away. During World War ! the line was relaid to recover the timber from the Estate. German POW 's were used for the work and used a small steam locomotive , Kerr Stuart 0 4 0 Sirdar Class no. 1158.After the end of the war contractors took over and also used a Kerr Stuart 0 6 0 no.3118. They also used a petrol tractor made by Baguley No. 777 of which this is a photograph, taken at Rhos Dingle at a location known as Pont Parry at 12noon 1 March 1920. Information from "The Kerry Tramway and other Timber Light Railways" written by David Cox and Chris Krupa from Plateway Press .ISBN 1 871980 11 9.
Darlun David Thornton
We have just moved near to Kerry and I am very interested in the tramway. Can anyone suggest a good source of images? I have located various parts of the tramway track bed just by trampling over the fields and woodlands, there is still plenty of evidence in situ if you look hard enough! Thanks, David.
Darlun Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales
The Royal Commission have a report which mentions the Kerry tramway entitled "Narrow Gauge Railways in Mid Wales" by James Boyd. Cat olugue number: 38826. To request a copy contact the enquiry team:
Darlun EUROS
Further information on the locomotives:- Kerr-Stuart Haig class 3118 0-6-0 was sold in 1925 to the Cliffe Hill Mineral Railway and named Kashmir at a later date. Kerr Stuart Sirdar class 1158 0-4-0 was sold in 1925 to the Oakeley Slate Quarry, Blaenau Ffestiniog and named Diana, then sold to the Pen yr Orsedd Quarry, Nantlle in 1940. This locomotive has recently been returned to service and has toured many 2ft gauge railways in Britain. See.. Baguley 4WPD no. 777 was sold to the Oakeley Quarry in 1925 and named Rosa. Damaged by fire in 1937 and scrapped.

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