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Audio recording of discussion on 24.11.21. between two Royal Marine Commandos, Ted Owens (WW2) and Roger James (1960-70's-80s). Includes Ted's childhood in Pembrokeshire, living off the land as a boy and how these skills served him well as a Marine in WW2. The Luftwaffe attacks on the Milford Haven oil refineries in 1940 and Ted's role as a fire messenger boy. D-Day landings, Ted's role as a sniper from the Normandy beaches and push into Northern Europe. Lord Lovat's instruction to his Marines to remove their tin helmets and wear their green berets with pride as they landed on the D-Day beaches. Scavenging by the starving French population, being shot and injured for the third time and evacuated to back hospital in the UK and end of service as a Marine. Roger coveys elements of his 22yrs service as a Marine Commando in 60's-80s.

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