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Tudalen 1:
Page of court notes Part 1
[December 28th, 30th]

Palmers journey to Malpas to deliver
circulars to witnesses for their attend-ce
at Monmouth Assizes - Horsehire & Exp-s (1s)

7 Copies of Job Tovey 's examin-on
4 B.S. each - some made by Mr Phillips & his cl-k
7 do. Susanna Tovey 's

[l. margin]
[lines 1-3] Decr 28
[lines 4-6] " ___30th

Tudalen 2:
Page of court notes Part 2
[31st December]

Fair copy Evidence of Thomas
Latch 6 copies 1/2 B.S. each -
Do David Neck 1. B.S. ea. -

[l. margin]
[lines 1-3] 31st
______ ___"

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