Gellir lawrlwytho cynnwys at ddefnydd anfasnachol, megis defnydd personol neu ar gyfer adnoddau addysgol.
Ar gyfer defnydd masnachol cysyllwch yn uniongyrchol gyda deilydd yr hawlfraint os gwelwch yn dda.
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Tudalen 1:
in Monmouth Gaol
We trust your Lordship
will approve of the course
we have taken as the only one
at all likely to check the Evil
which the country and ___this district
^ in particular have so long and so justly
complained of
____on Saturday we
^ closed our Investigation
of the charges against parties
in Custody charged with offences
connected with the late
outbreak and insurrection

Newport Public Reference Libraries

Tudalen 2:
in this district And we
hope very shortly to be enabled
__ to your Lordship much more
to communicate ^
important Information
than has yet been
divulged as to the Character
& extent of it

We remain

My Lord

Your ob Hble Servts

[Draft letter unsigned]

Tudalen 3:
Copy Letter
to Ld Normanby
9 Dec 1839

[right margin]

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