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Tudalen 1:
[margin left]Vol 24

[top right] Page 59 Document No 846

On Her Majesty's Service

J. H. [?] Norris

3 FE[B] 3

The Revd M Thomas

Baptist Minister


Secretary of
States Office }

[at foot]
black seal

Tudalen 2:

1 February 1840

Sir, I have laid before The Queen
your application on behalf of John Frost,
Zephaniah Williams and William Jones,
under Sentence of Death for High Treason;
and having Considered the Special Circumstances
of the Case of each of these prisoners,
with reference to the proceedings which
have taken place since their trials, I
have deemed it advisable to recommend
to Her Majesty to extend the Royal
Mercy to the said prisoners on Condition of
Transportation for Life: - and Her
Majesty has been Graciously pl/e/ased
to extend Her Mercy to them

Revd M. Thomas

Baptist Minister}


Tudalen 3:
on that Condition.

I am


Your Most Obedient Servant


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