• Siartwyr Casnewydd Cyf.24, p.36

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  • Lawrlwytho (defnydd anfasnachol yn unig)

Gellir lawrlwytho cynnwys at ddefnydd anfasnachol, megis defnydd personol neu ar gyfer adnoddau addysgol.
Ar gyfer defnydd masnachol cysyllwch yn uniongyrchol gyda deilydd yr hawlfraint os gwelwch yn dda.
Darllenwch fwy am y Drwydded Archif Greadigol.

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Tudalen 1:
[top right] Page 36 Document 776

My Dear Sir

The Grand Jury have called upon me
to prefer all the Bills we intend this morning I-
have prepared the Indictment against Thomas
Morgan No. 25 - Thomas Davies No15 for
Conspiracy and Riot -

against John Batten the younger No 37
William Jones No 39 - John Fisher No 42 and
Edward Pillinger No 48 for Riot but there remains
Thomas Davies No 5 for being found going towards
the Cefn when the mob were advancing upon
Newport and being found with weapons of the
following description and concealed about his person
a formidable cutlass - a dreadful sort of pike
with a hammer at one end and a dagger at the
other - a loaded Pistol with a Cap on - Powder
flask full of powder - a tobacco box full of Caps
and another Cutlass - two Knives Balls &c et
John Thomas Llewellin [*] No 20 for whose apprehension
‚£100 was offered and who stands charged with
Conspiracy and Sedition upon unquestionable
evidence And Wm Davies 43 against whom a

[embossed stamp Newport Reference Library]

[* recte: ? Jn Lewis Llewellin]

Tudalen 2:
case of Treason and Conspiracy can be clearly
supported- Against Edward Frost and Ebenezer
Williams 41 & 44 I have stated to the
Magistrates that the cases are not sufficiently
important to proceed against But in the cases
referred to I wish to know what course I am
to adopt and if the Crown decline to prosecute
I am directed to present their cases to the
Grand Jury to be dealt with as they may
think proper Pray inform me what
course the Crown will take that I may
prepare accordingly

And I am my Dr Sir

Yours faithfully

W.T.H.P [William Truman Harford Phelps]

Geo Maule Esq




Tudalen 3:

Monmouth - 2 January

Copy letter to

Geo Maule Esq -


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