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Tudalen 1:
[top right corner] 18
[top left corner ?] 87

[left column of page]
John Wilton
a Lath Splitter
of Newport absconded
imme- ly after the
Riots - was apprehended
in Bristol in consequence
of his declarations
as being at the
Westgate the morn-g
of the 4th and was
bro-t to
and detained for
several days
& taken before the
Magistrates was
proved to have
assisted Jno Lovell
the Wounded Man
indicted with Frost
to the House of a
Man named
Micah Jenkins
The man ^ admitted
to Mr Phelps & the
Magistrates that
he did so But

[in right hand column -'marginal' notations
written alongside lines 15-18]
[?] Ma[gistra]t[e]-s
assisted Lovell
See Lovell

Tudalen 2:
the Magistrates
did not wish
the case to be
pressed & he
was discharged
& was very thankful
for being let off
without prosecution

Son of Matthew
Thomas of Newport

Tudalen 3:
Aaron Horler

Tudalen 4:
Mem[orandum] as to
John Wilton

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