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Tudalen 1:
No 161

Thomas Davies No.1

1. John Davies - Special Constable. On duty on Stow Hill on 4th November last - took prisoner into custody near
Stow Gate between 4 and 5 am. - delivered him to No. 2.

2. Stephen Rogers - Grocer - Special Constable - received prisoner from last Witness - Riots were expected. Prisoner was
going in a direction to meet the Chartists - ordered the Prisoner down to the Mayor.

3. John O' Dwyer - Special Constable - searched prisoner - found on him various weapons - A cutlass, a pick with a
hammer at one end and at the other a sharp point - a pistol- a powder flask full of powder - percussion caps, knives, balls &c. said he carried them to defend himself - I delivered ^ the things to Hopkins - / Superintendent of Police- Prisoner said he was a Sawyer - Witness descries the riot - found Prisoner
very wet and muddy.

4. Edward Hopkins - Received Cutlass, pistol &c from last Witness.

Tudalen 2:
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No. 5

Thomas Davies

List of Witnesses

No Prosecution


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