Gellir lawrlwytho cynnwys at ddefnydd anfasnachol, megis defnydd personol neu ar gyfer adnoddau addysgol.
Ar gyfer defnydd masnachol cysyllwch yn uniongyrchol gyda deilydd yr hawlfraint os gwelwch yn dda.
Darllenwch fwy am y Drwydded Archif Greadigol.

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Tudalen 1:
[top right hand margin:-] Page 20

John Frost
[the following list is on the right hand side of the above:- ]
1 Matthew Williams 'X' Recog[nizance]
6 John Rees 'X' Recog[nizance]
7 James Coles a[lia]s Farmer 'X' Recog[nizance]
8 Thomas Bevan Oliver 'X' Recog[niance]
9 Samuel Simmons 'X' Recog[nizance]
10 Edward Hopkins 'X' Recog[nizance]
12 Thomas Jones Phillips 'X' Recog[nizance].
2 Barnabus Brough
5 James Hodge
3 Israel Furmen

11 Richard Waters
4 John Harford

Cha[rle]s Walters
[the following is listed directly below the above name:-]
1 G. Williams
4 Tho[ma]s B. Oliver
3 Sam[ue]l Simmons
5 Edw[ar]d Hopkins
6 Tho[ma]s Jones Phillips
2 John Davies
John Rees
Ja[me]s Coles

[the following is listed next to Charles Waters above:-]

} Copy Witnesses
} after Frost and
} add John Davies
} & omit Oliver
} & Edward Hopkins
will speak to Waters
more particularly

John Lovell
[the following list is on the right hand side of the above:-]
1 Edmund Williams Recog[nizance]
3 Francis Morgan Recog[nizance]
2 Susan Stephens Recog[nizance]
4 Thomas Dyer Recog[nizance]
6 Mathew Pembro Recog[nizance]
5 Henry Evans Recog[nizance]
7 Dan[ie]l Evans Recog[nizance]
8 William Parfitt Powell Recog[nizance]
9 William Jenkins
Rich[ar]d Benfield } Isaac Venn
John Rees } Basil Gray

[bottom left hand margin:- two words illegible & deleted thru ]

[bottom right hand margin:-] 44

Tudalen 2:
Geo[rge] Turner other[wis]e called
Geo[rge] Cole
the following list is on the right hand side of the above name, George Turner:-
} 3 Tho[ma]s Hopkins Recog[nizance]
} 1 Daniel Evans Recog[nizance]
5 Sam[ue]l Williams Recog[nizance]
4 Moses Scard Recog[nizance]
8 William John Recog[nizance]
6 Henry Kear Recog[nizance]
2 Herbert Williams Recog[nizance]

17 Tho[ma]s Hignell

Tho[ma]s Hignell

Zephaniah Williams
the following list is on the right hand side of the above name:-
16 Jeremiah Box Stockdale Recog[nizance]
4 John Davies Recog[nizance]

8 Edward Richards Recog[nizance]
9 Simon Leonard Recog[nizance]
10 James Samuel Recog[nizance]
11 Henry Smith
3 William Howell Recog[nizance]
5 Rich[ar]d Hawkins Recog[nizance]
15 John Nicholl Hawkins Recog[nizance]
2 James James Recog[nizance]
12 John Parsons Recog[nizance]
1 George Lloyd
on the right hand side of the above name:-
(Not before J.J. qu[er]y)
the following is listed on the right hand side of the above note:-
{ Tho[ma]s J. Phillips Recog[nizance]
Edm[un]d Evans Recog[nizance]
Rich[ar]d Howells Recog[nizance]
Henry Smith Recog[nizance]

16 Joseph Saunders
14 Thomas Saunders
7 Joseph Stockdale

Ed mund Edmunds
the following list is on the right hand side of the above:-

2 Israel Furmen
1 Catherine Charles
3 Thomas Jones Phillips
to prove Pris[one]r Statement
not before { Mary Charles
J.J. { H[enr]y Charles
{ Tho[ma]s Hopkins

Tudalen 3:
Jenkin Morgan
1 Morgan James Recog[nizance]
2 Frances Gibbon
3 Mary Jenkins
4 John Lewis
7 Phineas Sims
5 Mapson Tho[ma]s Smith
David Herring

6 William Henry Williams
the following list of names are bracketed against the above :-
not before J.J }
Maria Harper
Moses Scard
Ja[me]s Hodge
T J Phillips
W T H Phelps
Ely Morgan
Th[oma]s Hopkins

Solomon Britan
1 William Watkins Recog[nizance]
4 Moses Scard Recog[nizance]
5 Ellis Flanders Recog[nizance]
2 David Jones Recog[nizance]
3 Edward Miles

William Jones
1 John Prosser
2 John Phillips
3 Christopher Kidner
4 John Matthews
5 Edward Dorey
7 William Evans
6 John Parry
the following list of names are bracketed against the above:-
not before J.J. }
John Willis
Edw[ar]d Hopkins
Basil Gray

James Aust
3 John Richards
4 John Dallimore
2 John Matthews
5 Christopher Kidner
1 John Phillips
7 Henry Chappell
6 William Phillips

[bottom right hand margin:-] 45

Tudalen 4:
[this page is divided into four panels:-]

first panel - written vertically:-

John Rees
Jack al[ia]s the Fifer
4 John Rees
3 James Coles al[ia]s Farmer
1 Thomas Pritchard
2 Samuel Smith

second panel:-
List of witnesses
upon the
Bill of indictment
ag[ain]st Frost
+ others

[bottom margin:-] 183

third panel - written vertically:-
David Jones
al[ia]s David the Farmer
3 Mary Thomas
4 Mary Williams

1 John Jones
2 Joseph Taylor

fourth panel - in pencil:-
Lord Granvill Somerset

Hon[erable] M. Rossrey
T. B. Hall B[arone]t M[ember of] P[arliament]
W[illia]m Addam Williams
R. J. Blewitt Esq[uire] M[ember of Parliament
Rich[ar]d Amphlett
Jos[ep]h Bailey Esq[uire]
Fran[ce]s Chamberlain
W[illia]m Curre
P. J. Dricarroll
Jos[ep]h Davies Bedwas
John Greshome
Sam[ue]l Homfray
John Fra[nce]s Vaughan
John Jenkins
Tho[ma]s Lewis - J. Pierce
C. O. S. Morgan
Cha[rle]s Marrcott Esq[uire]
Fra[nce]s McDonnell
20 William Needham
Cha[rle]s Harrison Powell
22 G. H. Welsh Rolls

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