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Tudalen 1:
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Copy Deposition of William Edmunds Smith
Reg[ina] v[ersu]s Aaron Smallcombe
William Edmunds is a Blacksmith and
preacher living at Argoed - saith, I never
joined the Chartists in this neighbourhood -
On the Saturday Evening previous to the
riots at Newport, a Man named
Aaron Smallcombe, a Collier at the Argoed
called upon me and said "Well I have
pity for you William, that you are so
blind to our proceedings, and that
you have not joined us as the time is
just up To morrow night I expect
a good many peoples blood will be
shed and yours and those that have
not joined us and stop behind, will
be the first to have their blood spilt"
I said "possible if things have got to
such a state as that" he said "It is so
It is sure to be" I then begged
of him that I might be left quiet
as I was a professor of religion and
wished to End my Day's in Peace "
He said "That won't Do" I said "if
they would promise to let me alone
and not join the Concern I would
give them ten shillings" He then said
Come to the Lodge at William Williams's
to night and hand it to the Lodge
and then You shall have quiet -"
I went up there and went into

Tudalen 2:
the house there were a number of
people there - I was much frightened
and put the ten shillings on the table
some one took it up, I do not know
who took it - several men who were
outside I heard say "Tomorrow we
shall know what we are to do"
I do not know any of them - It was so
dark" Smallcombe said "It was
a great loss to me that I had not
attended the meetings to hear the
speeches, to be Enlightened on the

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Signed by William Edmunds

Tudalen 3:
Reg[in]a v[ersu]s Smallcombe

William Edmunds
Evidence Argoed
Implicating Bedwellty
Aaron Smallcombe
William Williams of

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