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  • Lawrlwytho (defnydd anfasnachol yn unig)

Gellir lawrlwytho cynnwys at ddefnydd anfasnachol, megis defnydd personol neu ar gyfer adnoddau addysgol.
Ar gyfer defnydd masnachol cysyllwch yn uniongyrchol gyda deilydd yr hawlfraint os gwelwch yn dda.
Darllenwch fwy am y Drwydded Archif Greadigol.

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Tudalen 1:

County and Borough of Brecon

The Queen against William Jones, late of -
the Parish of Llangynider in the County of -
Brecon - (at Sirhowy)

Jonas Williams of Brecon, Police Serjeant -
being sworn - On Oath Saith -

I was yesterday (2[n]d December 1839) informed
by William Williams of Brecon Esquire that one
of the Chartists was at the House of Lewis Hugh
of Trallong, Huntsman to Penry Williams of +++
Pen Pont Esquire - I went there in company
with William Voss and there found the Prisoner -
in the House - I told him he was my Prisoner -
he said "it is a bad job" I told him he must
_ he went upstairs with William Voss to changehis trousers on
_ our way to Brecon
come with us to Brecon ^ he told me he would
give ^ me a Sovereign if I would let him go away
he said it was not his fault as he was pressed
by William Leyshon to go along with the mob to
Newport he said he was with John Frost
in the Rear of the Mob when they entered the
Town - he said he had a Cleaver with one of the
Mob - about two miles before they reached -
Newport and that he carried it with him into
the Town - and went with the Mob down to
the Westgate Inn - and stood by the side of the -
wall when the Soldiers began to fire - and that
when he was going off one of the Soldiers -
shot and wounded him - I did not make
use of any means to extort any Confession from
the Prisoner - but he voluntarily told us
what he said ______ Jonas Williams

Sworn 3[r]d December 1839
Before us
William Williams
Thos Meredith
Thomas Vaughan

Three of his Majestys Justices of the Peace
for the County and Borough of Brecon


Tudalen 2:
William Voss of the Town of Brecon -
Tiler and Plasterer being sworn on Oath
saith -

I yesterday (2[n]d December 1839) went in -
company with Jonas Williams to the House of
Lewis Hugh in Trallong where we found a -
William Jones the Prisoner - I accompanied
him up stairs to change his Trousers; when
we were up stairs he told me he would give
me Five Pounds if I would let him escape -
I told him I would not do it, he came down
stairs and we brought him away - he said
that when at Newport he turned back his
Head, he saw the Soldier point his -
musket at him from the Westgate Window,
when he fell down upon his Hands and
Knees and was shot - he said he wished
he had been Killed at the time - that -
he was carried from there to the Trams
and to Blackwood and from thence by Tram
to Talybont and from thence by Boat to -
Brecon - On last Saturday week he went
through the Town, before it was light to Trallong ^[*]
The Prisoner told us every thing
voluntarily after I had told him not to
say anything to injure _ himself -
_______________William Voss -

Sworn 3[r]d December
1839 Before us -
William Williams
Thos Meredith -


[* Brecon - deleted]

Tudalen 3:
The Prisoner being asked if he had any -
thing to say, and cautioned not to say any-thing
to criminate himself, said he had Nothing further
to say than what he had said to the two -
witnesses -
William Williams
Thos Meredith
Thomas Vaughan

Thomas Armstrong of the Town of Brecon Surgeon
being sworn on Oath Saith -
I have this Day examined a Gun-shot -
wound on the Body of the Prisoner William
Jones - I am of opinion that it is a Gun-shot
wound - it entered the middle of the Back -
to the Right of the Vertebrae and passed under
the Skin and came out of the Right chest -
Walking will be very dangerous for a
long journey in his present State -
____________ Thos Armstrong
_____________ Surgeon

Sworn 3[r]d December 1839
Before us - Thomas Vaughan
__________ William Williams

Name - William Jones
Born - At Llangastell - in Talgarth
Age - Twenty four Years
Size - 5 Feet 10 -
Eyes - Hazel -
Hair - dark brown
Complexion - Sallow
Face - Oval
Nose - A little sloping to the right - and long -
Last Residence Sirhowy in Llangynider
Trade - A Miner in the Works of Messrs -
Harford & Co. -

Newport Public Reference Libraries

Tudalen 4:
[across 2nd fold of page]

Regina v Wm Jones
No. 2
of Llangynider -

Deposition of Jonas

Williams -

[in red ink]


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