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along - he made use of no words then he only turned the weapon round

in his hand - I did not hear him make use of any expression - he pulled

it out of his pocket and shewed it - I did not know the persons that were

met and pressed by the prisoner and his party - I have only been at
Pontypool but about four months - I know but very few in that neighbourhood

I come from the neighbourhood of Abergavenny - I lived with the Reverend

Charles Cufton - I was taken from my masters stable door to opposite

the Clarence - I heard a voice cry bring him along I was then brought

near to the spot where the prisoner was standing - I was brought sufficiently

near him to distinguish his person beyond all doubt - the prisoner is the

person who told the mob to take care of me - there was open day light -

when we met the man with the walletts on his back - there was sufficient

light to enable me to distinguish every object about - The prisoner is the

person who said take the man - I saw the prisoner with the mob at the time

that I made my escape - I know the prisoner from his Coat - he had the

same then on that he now has on -

The mark X of William Watkins

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