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My dear Lillie
Thanks for the blades. The cord for my valise may be all the colours of the rainbow for ought I mind – it was only the cord laces I wanted brown, the latter I must get in town during my leave. My leave is under the C.O’s consideration, but on account of my absence from the line for nearly 3 months, he has told me he may have to delay it, so there it is at present. I have the cheque book, but as I am just proceeding up for the night , have got it packed up in my valise and am unable to get at it until I get back next week. We have had some nice sunny days lately. I hope it will continue warm, but I fear it is too changeful yet.
Shall be glad of Lucy’s cakes, perhaps they will arrive when I need them most in the trenches.
Love to Aunt G and yourself
Yours lovingly

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