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Dearest Lillie
Back again! I hope you and Lucy received the small brooches of Jeanne d’Arc which I bought at Rouen. I had a few hours there in which I spent looking over the cathedral. There is an effigy of Jeanne in it in a chapel to itself and round her are the flags of the allies. So beauteous was the interior that I needs must pray a little while myself. I think the Church might copy from the Roman faith a little of its devotedness to the Mother of Jesus – to pray to her seems such a beauteous idea and there are several other deeds of reverence, not without their strong appeal to the thoughts of Common clergy. I hope, with God’s unfailing grace, to get my seven days leave soon, in the meantime I need a packet of Clemax safety razor blades – I think they are in packets of six. Boots can probably supply them – cost about 2/-. My cheque book is not to hand yet – but there is nothing else I require for the present. We live in cellars for about 12 days on end, not unpleasant given the state of the trenches just now. I will dilate (?) on how and where later, but I cannot foreclose my exact position to you, any postcards I send will be a guide and the 1st will tell you exactly where.
Well Cheery Oh!
With fondest love to you all
Your lovingly
Can you also send me some brown cord laces. Also about 5 yds of cord for lacing up my valise, mine was stolen at the base. The cord is similar to that used for hanging pictures. I am unable to obtain it here.

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