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Dearest Lillie
Just a short letter to tell you I arrived here from Le Quesnoy at 3 a.m. this morning and have been able to cast my eyes over the channel again. I expect the other parcels have gone astray as I wasn’t there to receive them after the 26th inst. I was taken ill on Boxing Day when my temp. was over 102 and left for the Field Ambulance about an hour before the Batt. left for the trenches and by 4 p.m. I was in bed at the Clearing Station – quite comfortable considering we were under canvas. I developed tonsillitis here and the MO sent me on to one of the base hospitals and voila! It only shows the folly of the M.O. sending me out so soon again – it is hardly to be wondered at after the severe doing in the trenches and sleeping in a very damp bed in a very damp room, I began to despair of really being dry again. Bye the bye your parcel was only just holding together when it reached me – could you, when they are heavy ones, get them covered with sacking. I see many are done that way and look neat and secure. The contents were much appreciated. I will leave the idea of the chicken out of it until I rejoin again. Buzzards cake is yet to come to hand. A pot of Cooper’s ‘Oxford’ marmalade would be appreciable and crystallised figs, some anchovy paste and blackberry or blackcurrant jelly. I think you might send a parcel of such with odd articles as socks or whatever it is each week and add a nice dark cake tort on alternate weeks. Tell Aunt G I enjoyed the biscuits very much.
Write here, if by return. I do not know where I am going next.
Best wishes for the New Year . With fondest love to you and Aunt G
Your loving brother

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