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I forgot to enclose that cheque – I quite forgot it when posting the letter in a hurry at Etaples. We arrived here at six p.m. last night (Friday). We lost our train at St Pol: the connecting train being an hour late and had to spend the night in a railway siding. There were ten officers of various regiments and six nurses. We gave them two wagon lits between them and then got into the two remaining and got a sleep only too anxious to be out of the awful ‘mess’. I and the two officers of the Welch had supper with three of them in their carriage, had a kind of luncheon in the town and breakfast next morning. From 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. we made frantic endeavours to find out if there was a train to proceed with, all to no purpose. The French Railway Officials did not seem to know much about the train, or else were very disobliging. The trains still passing - the men coming out of the trenches are in a deplorable condition. The Regt. goes by in 2 days…perhaps I shall be unable to write from there. I am billeted in the village I was dressed in after I was wounded so you see I am back in the same spot. The Regt. are getting in trenches on the right of those the 1st occupied last Sept. for a few hours the day before we made the attack. Now, as to things I want. There is no Regt. Mess here, they mess in Coys here so I shall want a cake fairly regularly and anything like that, the tins of toffee everything gets so damp and wet so send the sweets in tins, sulphur bags and can you make still more thick socks again. I also want an indelible pencil, small with a protecting cover if possible. The houses are just shelters. I woke up this morning and found my tiny room soaked with water and my equipment practically floating. The conditions are terrible. The people in England ought to make supreme sacrifice for the soldiers out here and thank God for the comfort they are in. I think of nothing else to tell you today so with fondest love to all
Your loving brother
The pencil is very faint – you will probably have to read this by daylight.

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