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There’s a small corner of my kitchen, which had it been fitted with a little curved desk and an office chair, would make a great work-space. I’m a little cramped at a make-shift table and uncomfortable kitchen chair. My view of the garden isn’t too distracting, which is good, but its lovely see a little bit of nature. There is a post outside the window which is visited most mornings by a Robin, (or perhaps several different Robins.) Also, I can see the garden changing – Foxsglove are blooming and Alliums are rising. It’s a nice change from white walls and no outside view.

From time to time I am visited by a cheerful two-year-old and this morning, whilst inputting and preparing some data, I am listening to the audio version of the ‘Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy.’

But my job entails working with physical items and university students who can’t properly join me in my kitchen, so naturally this can’t continue. But when I eventually return to normality, I need to take a snapshot of my make-shift workspace with me and try to bring along some of the peacefulness that CAN exist, even when working from a living space.

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