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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1985 (following CND Cymru’s establishment as an independent campaigning network from 1981), to the present day.
Page 1:
• Vote Trident Out
Page 2:
• News: 2015 The Story So Far - CND Cymru continues to campaign alongside other anti-nuclear organisations in Wales.
• Radioactive Waste Consultation - CND Cymru’s response to a further Review of Welsh Government Policy on the Management and Disposal of Higher Activity Radioactive Waste.
• Chelsea Manning Truthfest in Haverfordwest - A weekend of solidary and support for Chelsea Manning and her family.
Page 3:
• NHS not Trident Protest at Gwent Royal Hospital
• Trident - Not in Scotland, Wales or Anywhere!
Page 4:
• AWE Burghfield Lockdown
• Hinkley Point - Work has begun on the new reactor site at Hinkley Point.
• Fukushima - 4 Years On - Photo.
Page 5:
• Wrap up Trident Protest - Photo.
• A Kick into the Long Grass - National Assembly for Wales attempt to set out a statement about British Nuclear Weapons.
• Trecŵn - A planning application is being considered for a biomass power plant at Trecŵn.
• Shaping the Future - The Sustainable Development Alliance has succeeded in getting a Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill into the National Assembly for debate.
Page 6:
• Singing in the Lobby - Action AWE campaigners sing in the Lobby of the House of Commons to warn against Trident Replacement.
• Celebrating a Remarkable Woman’s Life - Join us to celebrate the life of Lib Rowlands-Hughes.
Page 7:
• Fukushima - Cardiff - Wylfa - Former Prime Minister of Japn Mr. Naoto Kan embarked on a tour of Wales to warn against nuclear energy.
• Ban the Military from Schools in Wales
Page 8:
• Vote Trident Out: Election Action - Trident and Trident Replacement
Page 9:
• Those Devolved and Non-Devolved Powers at a Glance
• Speakers for Meetings
Page 10:
• Vote Trident Out (cont.)
• Nuclear Power Party Policies
Page 11:
• Easter Voices on the Streets - CND banners were displayed at the YES Cymru rally in Cardiff.
• Bairns not Bombs! - CND Cymru’s message at the Easter rally.
Page 12:
• Diary Dates
Page 13:
• Diary Dates
• New CND Cymru Briefing Out Now
Page 14:
• Remembering Mike Hayes - Obituary.
• Heddwch contacts
• CND Cymru Briefings
• Contacts

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