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The 'Aberystwyth Official Guide and Souvenir' published by the Aberystwyth Corporation in 1924 contains a full page advert for this pharmacist. The advert suggests that the store also had an optical department and developed films in addition to sticking camera and photographic accessories. They were the shop for 'all Kodak supplies', and Brownie cameras are specifically mentioned. The Brownie was a series of simple and inexpensive cameras designed by Frank A Brownell and introduced in 1900. Th cameras had a simple meniscus lens which created 2 1/4-inch square pictures on roll film. The Brownie introduced photography to the masses and were very popular. Chemists also used to sell the chemicals needed for developing and printing you own films.
The optical department offered to cure headaches and eyestrain by offering and free eye test and only recommending the use of glasses when necessary. The dispensing chemist part of the shop promised pure drugs of standard strength compounded with care and skill, guaranteeing the freshness and purity of the ingredients for every prescription dispensed.

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