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Kevin Hawke is a keen diver and Living Seas Wales volunteer. This image is taken from his dive log and records a dive near The Greek Wreck, St Anne's Head 2nd August 1997. During the dive he observed a variety of marine wildlife which he describes in the "Dive Details" section of the log book (transcribed below).

Dive Details: Free decent onto rocky bottom lots of life all about and an interesting bottom profile - lots of variations. Andrew showed me a large prawn/crayfish? also a nice sized lobster under a rock another two in a pot. There were a number of medium sized edible crabs. Bits of rusty and broken bits of metal and what looked like the anchor chain which seemed to disappear under the rocks. Andrew gave a good example on how to use a compass to make the most of a dive. Sea Harrier had to pick us up as Delyth had a problem with the Llynti - Not a peep out of it. Another enjoyable and leisurely dive.

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