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Mae Kevin Hawke yn blymiwr brwd ac yn wirfoddolwr gyda phrosiect Moroedd Byw / Living Seas Wales. Cafodd y ddelwedd hon ei chymryd o'i lyfr log a'i gofnodion i blymio ger Rye Rock, Martin's Haven ar 23ain o Fehefin 1996. Tra oedd yn plymio fe sylwodd ar amrywiaeth o fywyd gwyllt morwrol ac mae'n eu disgrifio yn yr adran "Dive Details" o'r llyfr log (trawsgrifiad isod).

Dive Details: Dived as a four. Delyth pointing out lots of interesting things including nudibranch - sea slugs only small but very colourful, also a cuckoo wrasse - male who swam about in front of us for a while. Came across an edible crab, easily the size of a dinner plate, right out in the open, could it possibly be aware of the marine reserve status? Leisurely and enjoyable wished I could have stayed much longer, but had to surface when I got to 50bar. Delyth and Carol stayed down another 10 mins or so. The deepest and best this far?

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