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This is an audio clip from an interview with Renee Woolf in which she talks about 'Applause' and activities within Cardiff Jewish community.

In her interview, Renee explores in detail what it was like to grow up in Llanelli as Jewish and the atmosphere of the Jewish community there. Despite it being a small town and perhaps closed off from other places, Renee considers herself exceedingly lucky to have grown up there. Renee has a strong Welsh identity and believes that the relationship between Jewish people and Welsh people has always been a good one. For example, non-Jewish individuals are members of WIZO (Women's International Zionist Organisation) and are involved with the fundraising efforts of the Jewish community, but perhaps more importantly, Renee has never experienced any antisemitism. The interview also reflects upon how the Jewish communities in both Llanelli and Cardiff have changed over the years. Although the membership has drastically declined and there are no longer accessible Jewish amenities within South Wales, Renee discusses how initiatives such as 'Applause', a fundraising group she organised within the community that put plays on, has fostered a togetherness that has allowed for the community to carry on existing.

Depository: The National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales.

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