Dyddiad: 28 Rhagfyr 1917


Hysbyseb gan Percy R. Fraser, Y Fenni, am hadau: 'VICTORY CERTAIN / The Trials of 1917 ever to be remembered / THE GREAT ALL-BRITISH MOVE / Positions Consolidated! Enemy Counter-Attacks Fail! U Boat Menace Being Defeated! Startling Results! / THE TRIALS of 1917 will be remembered by all, and VICTORY CERTAIN for Quality as supplied at te ABERGAVENNY STORES. THE GREAT MOVE in March from Queen Street to Frogmore Street was the direct result of Quality Seeds. OUR POSITION has been CONSOLIDATED and ENEMY ATTACKS BEATEN. U BOATS are being DEFEATED by Allotment Holders using Fraser's Seeds.'

Heb teitl. Abergavenny Chronicle and Monmouthshire Advertiser. 28 Rhag. 1917. 4.

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