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Dyddiad: 15 Mehefin 1917



Borth sailors have been ill-fated this week for three of their ships have been torpedoed. In the case of the "Cheltonian" the master Captain Enos of Aberystwyth, who is a native of Borth, was taken prisoner, but the crew which included Mr. Enoch Davies, chief engineer, Mr H. L. Williams, Livonian House, and Mr. L. J. Herbert, Gerydon, were saved and landed at Marseilles. It is the second time Mr. Enoch Davies's ship has been torpedoed, and Mr. L. J. Herbert was on his first voyage. Mr T. R. Morris has arrived from Swansea, his ship having been torpedoed. He was in the captain's boat, which was picked up, but the other boat has not yet been heard of. News has also been received that Capt. J. Davies, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Davies, Ivanhoe, has landed at Newhaven. His ship was torpedoed, but all the crew were saved.

Captain David Thomas left on Tuesday to return to Freemantle.

'Borth.' The Cambrian News and Welsh Farmers' Gazette. 15 Mehefin 1917. 7.

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