Darlun Treharris Boys & Girls Club
Treharris Boys & Girls Club

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As one of the oldest youth organisations in Wales, the work of Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Wales is having an outstanding impact on the lives of young people in Wales since 1928. The first youth clubs were opened in the early 1920’s and had strong links with the miners of Wales who made significant contribution to its development through regular weekly payments. Our aim is to support the young people and their changing needs in these tough times through providing them with a safe place to go to, training and projects that will enable them to fulfil their potential and the opportunity to take part in life changing opportunities.
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John Charles signing his autograph, Treharris...

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Production of 'Aladdin', Treharris Boys Club, 1968

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Agor y gofeb i gofio Clwb Bechgyn Treharris, 1973

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