Capel Ebenezer Cwmffrwdoer

Ebenezer Chapel was founded in 1740 by Rev Edmund Jones "The prophet of the Tranch"

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In 2015 Ebenezer Chapel celebrated its 275th anniversary.  The Chapel was founded in 1740 by Rev Edmund Jones,  also known as “The Prophet of the Tranch”, funded by using his savings, money raised locally and to finish the building he sold some of his books. Edmund Jones was born in the parish of Aberystruth in c1702. He settled in the area around 1740. Edmund Jones originally held meetings in his cottage, and if it was fine in a small field at the rear. As numbers attending meetings increased he decided to build a church. There is an interesting story attached to why he chose this location for the church. One morning when he was going up the road from Cwmffrwdoer to Pentrepiod he noticed the singing of the birds in a patch of land beside the road. Edmund said “ As the birds are singing so beautifully here I will build my church to worship God.”

The name of the Chapel, Ebenezer, was decided upon because Edmund Jones declared that the man to follow him would be named Ebenezer. Sure enough the next minister was Rev Ebenezer Jones. A plaque to him can be found inside. Ebenezer Jones’ gravestone is badly damaged and has split into several pieces.

Ebenezer Chapel has a large graveyard. The graveyard is the last resting place of its founder Rev Edmund Jones who served as minister here until his death in 1793. There is a plaque to his memory inside the chapel

 Among those buried there are at least 38 victims of the Llanerch Explosion of 1890, including 20 headstones a number of which are no longer fully legible.

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