The Brownie Programme

Follow a Brownie from joining to going on to Guides

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Brownie poloshirt

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After leaving Rainbows, our 7 year-old now wishes to join Brownies and wear the polo shirt and baseball cap; there is a choice of items she may wear - a polo shirt, long or short sleeved Tshirt, trousers or leggings.


She joins a 'Six', in this case the Hedgehogs, and may be looked after by an older Brownie, called her 'buddy' who receives a badge for doing this.


Her first step is to work through the book  Becoming a Brownie. When she has completed this, she is ready to make her Brownie Promise.


I promise to do my best to be true to myself and develop my beliefs, to serve the Queen and my community, to help other people and to keep the Brownie Law.


When she makes her Promise as a Brownie, she receives a badge and perhaps a certificate.


Her uniform can include a sash on which she can put any badges she earns whlst in the Pack.


The main programme is the Brownie Adventure which is in three sections, each expected to take about a year.


Some adventures might be a sleepover, Pack Holiday, or even better, a camp.


The 'Well done' badge is given, not for any specific task, but if her Leader thinks she deserves it for any reason.


The Badge book lists all the badges she may attempt, for example, traditional ones like Hostess or Cook, but also more recent additions like Crime Prevention, shown here.


'Go for it' badges are worked on by the whole Six.


She may become a Second or Sixer, giving her an early taste of responsibility and leadership.


When she reaches the age of 10 she can move on to Guides, and receives a leaving badge and certificate.

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