ARMISTICE DAY gan Arthur Cole

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Cerdd gan Arthur Cole am Diwrnod y Cadoediad (Saesneg yn unig).


(A) war to end all wars, is what they said,

brave men slaughtered on far foreign fields

(R)emember them well, they fought for freedom and


(M)ustard gas, mortars, machine guns and mayhem,

their destiny

(I)nept commanders, ordered their slaughter,

over the top boys, your country needs you.

(S)helling incesent, many shocked to the core, a firing

squad their end to the war.

(T)renches their haven, rats like black cats, lice

and trench foot, their reward.

(I)t was an adventure for many, no concept of war and

the carnage to follow.

(C)ourage and bravery beyond their young years,

excitement they craved.

(E)ach one a hero, they lived day to day, praying

for peace, the Lord guiding the way.

(D)eath was abounding, men slaughtered, no man's


(A)dvance was the order, bodies piled high on unforgiving

barbed wire.

(Y)es, today we remember those brave men

of war, a POPPY their badge, God Blees Them All,

may they all rest in peace.

Copyright: Arthur Cole (85), 2016



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