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Ysgrifennwyd y gerdd gan Arthur Cole  a ddywedodd "Tra oeddwn i'n cerdded o gwmpas Caerdydd ychydig o flynyddoedd yn  ôl, doeddwn i ddim yn gallu credu faint o bobl oedd yn begera, ac a oedd yn amlwg yn ddigartref; rwy'n deall bod mae yna lawer o gyn-filwyr sy'n dioddef problemau iechyd meddwl yn eu plith, felly ysgrifennais i'r gerdd hon i'r rheiny, lle bynnag y bont." (Saesneg yn unig)    'LIFE ON THE STREETS' Modern day beggars, city streets they adorn, cross legged, homeless, cold and forlorn. pavements their havens, complete despair,  the question is why, and do we really care?. Arms outstretched, spare me some cash, voices resounding, many treat them like trash. Appearances deceptive, no fault of their own, hastily judged, their life stories not known. Roaming the streets, living on their wits, many ex-soldiers, rock bottom they've hit. Not all are worthless, please don't ignore, many affected, by the ravages of war.   Just ask the question, where did it begin, desert or trenches, their wars still within. Minds in turmoil, trapped demons inside, cold streets their battle, torment they hide.  Heroes they were, not so many years ago, put their lives on the line, now nothing to show. When next a cross legged beggar, asks you for money just ask yourself this, did he once serve his country.    Copyright: Arthur Cole, 2016 (92)    

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