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Transcription: W: Now, Mrs Gale introduced what you called the stage turn. So, in-between the main film and the supporting film there was an interval. This was put on, and it was always one of great movement. Men were doing 'gymnastical' jumps and leaps and bounds and climbs and all sorts of things. Sometimes there was perhaps wrestling on or something. There also could be street drama, little scenes from well-known plays and pieces of work done on the London stage; they were extracted. She was really good like this, she was really good! C: Who would perform these things? W: Parties, groups, theatre groups from away. We would see them for perhaps three days a week and then they would go somewhere else, doing their thing whatever it was, on the stages of different cinemas. Because again, this was Mrs Gale's idea as an attraction for her cinema, it caught on. They always had these extras, if the film turned out to be a bit dreary, and some films did, unfortunately. But you always had this attraction of a very good stage show.

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