• Rotary Club of Deeside (Clwyd) -Charter Anniversary 1981

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Gellir lawrlwytho cynnwys at ddefnydd anfasnachol, megis defnydd personol neu ar gyfer adnoddau addysgol.
Ar gyfer defnydd masnachol cysyllwch yn uniongyrchol gyda deilydd yr hawlfraint os gwelwch yn dda.
Darllenwch fwy am y Drwydded Archif Greadigol.


This is an edited extract of a speech by the late, (d November 1997) Reverend, Reg Smith ("The Canon of Bury")

Reg Smith was both committed churchman and a fondly remembered raconteur. In this extract of his humorous address to North Wales Rotarians, he refers to his family connection with North Wales and to a long association with football; in particular with the club at Bury, Lancashire.

In his closing remarks, Reg tells of his life-long passion for sport, and the on-going opportunity for community service that is the essence of the world-wide Rotary movement.

Event: 26th Charter Anniversary Dinner
Venue: Chequers Hotel, Northop, Flintshire/Clwyd

Original recording was made on a "compact cassette" by club-member and volunteer community archivist, John Butler
The complete recording has been made available to The Anglican Church, Bury Lancashire where CD copies are available from the church-shop.

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