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This is a printed booklet of 15 pages presenting a range of projects developed in South East Wales by Community Arts Council, celebrating 'the cultural success story of the last decade'.

The first extract shows the title page. There is a handwritten note on the right-hand side from Dora Hurst to Nancy Pickard (of Permanent Waves) confirming a date and place for their next meeting. The second extract shows a page about Permanent Waves Women's Arts Association, with a picture from an art exhibition. It references the 1995 Women's Art Festival, which drew an audience of 5500, giving brief information about the project and the contact details.

The Women's Arts Association had its beginnings in 1984 in the Arts Discussion Group which evolved from South Glamorgan County Council Women's Committee. From 1986 onwards, it organised an annual Women's Arts Festival. The Association was formally organised in 1992 when it was known as South Glamorgan Women's Arts Association (Permanent Waves). Its purpose, under its constitution set out in 1992, was to increase opportunities for women to enjoy and take part in artistic and cultural activities and to promote public awareness of women's work. In 1996, the Association became a registered charity. It later adopted the name Permanent Waves Women's Arts Association. It moved from offices in Ely to Bute Street, Cardiff, in 2004 when Permanent Waves was dropped from its name, becoming Women's Arts Association. As the result of cuts in funding in 2010 it was obliged to operate as a voluntary organisation without permanent employed staff.

Glamorgan Archives, DWAW4/5/3

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Ref: Glamorgan Archives, DWAW4/5/3

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