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The location of the Cardiff University Settlement, as outlined by B. M. Bull in his book 'The University Settlement in Cardiff', published by The School of Art in 1965.

The Cardiff University Settlement was established in 1901, at 50-52 Portmanoor Road, Splott, Cardiff, Glamorgan, by a group of academic staff at the University College, Cardiff, led by Professor Ronald Burrows (Professor of Greek). They were concerned that the University College should seek to improve social conditions in the poorer areas of Cardiff by active social work in the community. The objective of the University Settlement was to provide educational and recreational facilities not normally available to the poorer members of the community. The University Settlement was organised into four separate clubs: the Lads', Girls', Women's and Men's clubs. The combined membership of the clubs reached 250 by 1903. In 1904, the University Settlement formed itself into a limited company called University Settlement in Cardiff, and built a University Settlement Hall, in Walker Road, Splott, which included classrooms, gymnasium, recreational rooms fitted out for billiards and air rifles, and opened in December 1904. Mr Edward Lewis, Mrs Lewis and Mrs Hughes were active in the organisation. The University Settlement remained active until the outbreak of the First World War, when many of the members of the Lads' and Men's clubs joined the armed services. Following the requisitioning of the club premises for a military hospital, the activity of the University Settlement largely ceased. After the War it proved impossible to resume the University Settlement, as many members had dispersed. The University Settlement Hall was sold in 1922, to become St Illtyd's College, a Roman Catholic school, and the University Settlement company was formally wound up in 1924.

Glamorgan Archives, DCE/4/1

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