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An article on page eight of the Cardiff Times, 25 July 1925, describing the welcome given to visiting Danish Boy Scouts. At this time a group of Cardiff Scouts were on a reciprocal visit to Denmark.

"The Cardiff Times was a weekly English language liberal newspaper established in 1857, and circulated throughout Glamorganshire, Monmouthshire, Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Cardiganshire, Breconshire, Radnorshire, Montgomeryshire and the adjoining English counties. For the first forty years the newspaper's main content was Welsh Liberalism, but in 1886 its contents was completely re-modelled to include other features such as contributions by Welsh writers and eminent Welsh bards, serial stories and descriptions of Welsh social life. One of its contributors was William Abraham (Mabon, 1842-1922). From 1857 to 1928 it was owned by D. Duncan & Sons, and from 1930 onwards by the Western Mail. The newspaper was published between 1857-1928 and 1930-1955."

Source:, accessed 10/4/17.


Danish Scouts’ Visit.


The 80 Danish Boy Scouts who are visiting this country were on Monday the guests of the Cardiff civic authorities.

The boys were in charge of Commissioner Leif B. Hendle, and hail from North Jutland, Denmark, and were welcomed by the Lord Mayor (Ald. W. Pethybridge) and the Chief Constable (Mr James Wilson) at the City Hall in the morning, and after saluting their colours, departed in motor-buses to the docks, of which they made an exhaustive tour, halting on the way to board the U.S.S. Pittsburgh.

Following this they witnessed a display at the Cardiff Fire Station, and later were entertained to lunch by the Lord Mayor at the City Hall.

The Lord Mayor was supported by Mr Hendil, Commissioner Harry Cocks (representing Cardiff Scouts), Councillor R. G. H. Snook (Deputy Lord Mayor), Councillor James Griffiths and Mr A. M. Burns, secretary to the Danish Vice-Consul, and Mr Ernest [?] Beere, representing the Danish Consul, and others. The healths of the Lord Mayor, the city, and local scouts were drunk in true scout fashion.

A feature of the proceedings was the reading of a message of greeting to the Danish Scouts from the Cardiff Scouts now in Denmark by Commissioner Cocks.

The day’s programme wound up with a great Scout rally at the R.A.M.C. Drill Hall, West Grove, at night, attended by representatives of the local authorities, local Danish inhabitants, and captains and officers of Danish boats in port.


A pleasant and interesting time was spent at the R.A.M.C. Drill Hall, when the Cardiff Boy Scouts and Cubs entertained the visitors to a camp fire sing-song. There were about 500 Boy Scouts present and about 100 visitors.

Among those present were County Commissioner Harry Cocks, Mr J. A. Wilson (Chief Constable of Cardiff), Commissioner Leif B. Hendil and the Rev Father Rew.

County Commissioner Harry Cocks and Mr J. A. Wilson extended a hearty welcome to the Danish Scouts.

Commissioner Leif B. Hendil suitably responded, and presented Mr Harry Cocks with one of their medals of merit.

The Danish Boy Scouts' Band gave an enjoyable programme.

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